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April 02, 2007



Hi~~I certainly understand Miss H's wish and I know what a long trip it is to come here for so few days. But I will miss seeing you all this Easter. You and your siblings also came to this point and I guess it's one all parents have to accept sooner or later. Have a wonderful bunny day, kiss the kids for me and we will talk soon. Love you all

Aunt Lindy

Yes, I remember when we decided to start our own traditions in our own home. It's important that you do that but I remember how hard that was for us, too. I wish we all lived closer together~at least in the same state or nearby state, but travel to each other's homes is part of life in these times. So enjoy your Easter at Home and we will all be thinking of each other this year. Our son M, is also not going to be at the lake this year and he lives 19 minutes away, but the new business needs them to stay in their Home this year, so we will deal with that. The bunny will come to the cat facility this year on Easter Monday. Love to all~~~~

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